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I’ve written and performed over 30 short stories for Words Allowed as well as writing many for family, god children and friends. It is one my favourite mediums to write in and where I learnt my craft in creating character, mood, dialogue and scene setting.

An Excerpt from Shenanigans | 'N52'

The story behind the story

This was my very first published work. A big deal, obviously. I was in a writing workshop on the windswept coast of west of Ireland where I met a guy who knew a guy who knew the editor of a new short story anthology being put together of ‘Fresh Irish Fiction.’ N52 was inspired by a story we were looking at in the workshop by Raymond Carver called ‘The Pheasant’ I think? Shenanigans was meant to be an anthology of Irish writers only. I’m third generation, a bit of a lineage stretch but it got me through the door and my story was accepted. Shenanigans was the third in a series of short story anthologies including Disco Biscuits and Disco 2000.

9: 16:00pm
Dark blue rain lashes down on the car.
    Everywhere; top sides even underneath. So much water on such an old car makes kate feel insecure.
    The oncoming lights hurth her eyes, each passing car or truck forces a blinding glare into the mist-covered windscreen. She tries to sheild them, gives up and puts her shades on.
    All this; the rain, the lights the dark, force her to drive slower than usual. Too much time in a car is a waste. Driving this slow wastes precious time, which there's never enough of. Jack always says this but Jack's a musician. He makes time for himself. Lots of it, which seriously winds her up.
    Jack's eyes focus on the tiny circle of light pointed at the map. Both hands hold taut while the orange torch juts out of his mouth, overstretching the muscles of his face. Kate thinks it looks at once painful and stupid. She finds herself torn between sympathy and laughter.
    'Ahm fuhct f I no whe we ar'
    'I've no idea what you're on about. Take the torch out of your mouth for Christ's sake.'
    He lets go his grip. It drops to the centre of the map, ripping an uneven hole and falling through. The light spirals to the floor, haphazardly waking up the insides of the car. The glare hits Kate's eyes twice, she blinks heavily behind her shades before the torch lands in the footwell.
    'Shit. Sorry. Said I'm fucked if I know where we are. Chris said he'd marked the map but I can't find it anywhere. Want me to drive babe? Maybe I'll be able to get us there on instinct?'
    'If you can't work it out from the map forget about driving sweetheart. We'll get a signpost soon. We need some sounds, sort a tape out. It's gonna be too late if we don't suss out how to get there soon.'
    Jack contorts his skinny body into the rear of the car rummaging around in the shadows of the back seat.


‘Find the key emotion; this may be all you need know to find your short story.’ - F. Scott Fitzgerald

An Excerpt from Shenanigans | 'N52'

ShenanigansCaspar lived in Dingle, Ireland for a year. The N52 road is a national secondary road in Ireland.


August '67: Caspar (Walsh) is not a ghost, acrobat, cross breed dog or aspiring chemical writer. He is the winner of the first Portobello Film and Video Award. He has written the first in a charged stream of bass driven books, set up the 'Tall Geezer' Short Story live readings for the masses.

Likes: Extra Virgin oil, Dingle, D&B, Stoned Spiders, Bristol, indefinable smells and Mary Ellen Walton.

'N52' is inspired by the need for: Music, the dark, indestructable cars and fades to white.

Vincent Vice's Rainbow

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Short story for BBC Radio 4 read by Jack Davenport (‘This Life’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’)

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