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This was created on the back of a conversation with film director Johnathon Glazer (Sexy Beast/ Birth) who I was working with at the time. I told him about my dad’s suicide and he was captivated by the story. He told me it would make a powerful short film. Encouraged and inspired I began the long journey into production. It took three years to complete. The process of making it was a way of channelling my grief and it really helped. It won ‘The Golden Boot’ award at the first ever Portobello Short Film Festival in London in 1996.

Text and the City

A short film about a man and his dangerous dalliance with a stolen mobile phone. It was created as part of The Joy of 8mm Film Challenge. I wrote the script, was given a Super 8mm camera and the top cameraman Jez Toogoode shot each scene sequentially. It was edited in camera and the sound track was created after the shoot by my good friend Nathan Ng.

The first time I saw it with the soundtrack was on the big screen at The Watershed Media Centre in Bristol. Very nerve wracking. Peter Clifford was my charismatic lead. It went down a storm.


‘We are storied folk. Stories are what we are; telling and listening to stories is what we do.‘ - Arthur Kleinman


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