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Published May 15th 2008 by Headline

Book Synopsis:

When Caspar Walsh was four years old his mother rejected him in favour of a boyfriend. His father became his primary carer. But Caspar's father wasn't classic dad material. He robbed banks. His currency was drugs and violence. Yet despite his unconventional, illegal lifestyle, he loved his son. That love couldn't protect Caspar from the harsh realities of the criminal world he inhabited; but it meant Caspar loved him back, looked up to him and emulated him. CRIMINAL is the story of a wild childhood marked by violence and abuse and the absence of a father who was no stranger to prison. It's the story of how Caspar became part of his father's world: dealing drugs, doing drugs, doing time. It tells of his sexual abuse at the hands of a surrogate father, of his own father's eventual suicide and how he tried to take his own life, too. Ultimately, it's the story of how, as a young man, Caspar made the decision not to be a victim of his upbringing but to take control of his life, to rehabilitate himself and, by coming full circle to work with offenders, help to rehabilitate others.

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"A surprisingly touching, beautifully written tale of the determination of a young lad not to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Remarkably, while peppered with hair-raising accounts of scrapes with the cops, violence and abuse, Criminal never losses its sense of optimism and the characters are vividly brought to life"

- News of the World


‘No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.’ - Robert Frost

Criminal | A Cover in the Making

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‘There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.’ - Z.N. Hurston

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