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Acts of Violence (working title) : Crime thriller commisioned by Headline

My first book commission for a work of fiction came as part of a two book publishing deal with Headline. The contract stated that when ‘Criminal’ was complete I would be paid to write a ‘pacey crime thriller using my own experiences of crime as inspiration’. When I first saw that line my heart sank. Crime fiction was not my first choice of reading or writing; ‘Vincent Vice’s Rainbow’ was as close I ever got. Save James Ellroy and Phillip. K. Dick I have read very little crime fiction.

Crime writing is one of the most sought after genres for new writers wanting book deals. It’s a complex form of writing and it unnerved me when I was asked to write a crime thriller.

After a lot of crime reading during the summer and autumn of 2007 I learnt what it was I didn’t want to write. More importantly I identified an area that hadn’t been fully explored: the theme of my next book is addiction and it’s connection to crime. The main character, a former detective now working as a security guard in a frozen food supermarket, is in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Still struggling with his past he has turned his addiction to sex. This has opened up a vipers nest for him. He enters a complex web of relationships. This is what I want to explore in my writing. Crime fiction is a very popular genre. I realised if I used crime as the hook I could then explore the complexity of human relationships; the publishers and public get what they want by way of an adrenaline fuelled page turner and I get to write what I really want to write. I am now a fan of crime writing!



‘Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth inside the lie.’ - Stephen King

Acts of Violence | Cover

To follow.



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