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‘Whatever you can do or dream of doing, begin it now, boldness has genius, magic and power.’ - Goethe

Personal mission statement:

My life’s mission is to create a connected and peaceful world by working with individuals and groups who want to develop thriving, creative communities.

I apply this ethos to all important decisions about my work and personal life. If it doesn’t light me up, if it’s not about putting something back into the world and helping affect positive change, I generally don’t do it.

My own personal development, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually is my main work in life. My dad was always very keen on discovering new aspects of his life and he passed that passion on to me.

The challenges of my early life have been a crucial part of my journey. The level of therapy I’ve engaged with over the last twenty years has been invaluable. It seems every area of my personal and professional life is in some way linked to this ethos. Long may it continue.

I qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1997 and have been practicing successfully for the last 11 years. My experience with many different clients dealing with a wide range of life issues has helped me in my prison work facilitation a great deal.


Men’s Work

I joined the Mankind Project in a voluntary capacity in 1999 and have been very much involved with this global men’s community ever since. This is powerful transformational work. It has helped me and a lot of close friends address and heal some very difficult and traumatic wounds.

I have coordinated and lead training weekends, staffed further trainings for new initiates and edited the UK MKP Magazine for nearly three years. The development of my role as a leader both personally and professionally has evolved a great deal through my work with MKP.



‘Everything changes when you change.’ - Jim Rohn

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